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Epoxy.com Product #632

100% Solids Novolac Epoxy Control Joint Filler


Epoxy.com Product #632 Chemical Resistant Novolac Epoxy Joint Filler is a 100% solids flexible Novolac Epoxy for saw-cut joints of concrete slabs.


  • Highly Chemical Resistant
  • High elongation
  • Flexibility provides for joint movement
  • Protects slabs edges from chipping
  • Cures on damp or wet surfaces
  • Field proven reliability
  • Good shock absorption qualities


Surface must be clean and sound. Remove all dirt, laitance, grease curing compounds and other foreign matter by sandblasting, mechanical abrasion, or acid etching. Remove water and dust from all surfaces with an oil-free blast immediately prior to application. See Epoxy.com Surface Preparation Guide for more details.


Temperature of Product #632 must be 50° F or above at time of mixing. Stir each component separately before blending. Mix one part by weight of Part A with one part by weight of Part B for three minutes with a low speed electric drill motor equipped with a mixing paddle.


For application on flat surfaces Product #632 can be poured. For vertical surfaces Product #632 can be thickened with Product #71. Contact Epoxy.com for more information on the thickening process. This mix of Product #632 & Product #71 can be applied by power or hand operated caulking gun, by trowel, or with a putty knife. In areas where cosmetics are important mask both sides of the substrate before applying the material.


Use of solvents for thinning will prevent proper cure. Product #632 should not be installed on new concrete floors until maximum shrinkage has occurred. Generally speaking, this time period is a minimum of 28 days.

Safety Precautions

Prolonged or repeated exposure may cause eye and skin irritation. If contact occurs, wash immediately and seek medical help. Use safety glasses with side shields and wear protective rubber gloves.


All tools and equipment should be cleaned before the system gels. Use MEK, Acetone, or any lacquer solvent.

Mix Ratio 1:1 By Volume
Viscosity (mixed) 2,200 cps
Gel Time 30 minutes
Consistency Pourable liquid
Initial Cure 8 Hours (80% strength)
Packaging (unit size) 1 gal. (2 gallon unit 1A:1B, 5 gal. (10 gallon unit 5A:5B)
Standard Colors Gray. May be available in our other standard colors below. Check with us for availability and minimums.
Shore A. Hardness 70 to 80
Color Chart Here

Click the picture of color card below  for a larger version of this picture of the color chart.
Please note:  The picture to the right is a photographic reproduction of the color card for this product.  The photo reproduction process and your monitor and/or printer will change these colors.  This chart is to give you an idea of the colors available and not intended for critical color selections.

Artificial Weathering
(ASTM G23-75 Type D)
10-15% elastomeric property change after 1000 hours
Bond Cohesion after Water Immersion
(Fed. Spec TT-S-00227E)
No Failure after 25% total movement
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638) 600 psi
Ultimate Elongation (ASTM D-638) 35%
Tear Resistance (ASTM D-624-73) 20 lb./in
Service Temperature 30 degrees F. to 180 Degrees F.



Chart is based on the relationship between the 231 cubic inches in a US gallon. Coverage is in feet per gallon.
Width of Joint in Inches
  ¼ 3/8 ½ 5/8 ¾ 1
¼ 308 205 154 123 102 77
3/8   136 102 82 68 51
½     77 61 51 38
5/8       41 39 30
¾         34 25
7/8           22
1           19
Linear Feet Per Gallon

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