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Epoxy.com Product #203

Cold Temperature Cure Polymeric Primer Resin


Epoxy.com Product #203 Cold Temperature Cure POLYMERIC PRIMER resin is a specially formulated primer for cold temperature applications. Able to cure at temperatures as low as 35°F. It is often used in coolers and food preparation areas that require constant low temperatures. Product #203 is frequently used in room temperature applications to meet super-fast cure, limited shutdown needs.


  • Low temperature cure
  • Low odor during application and cure--will not taint foods
  • Superior stain and chemical resistance
  • Bonds well to cool, damp substrates
  • Meets USDA standards for use in Food Handling applications


  • Substrate temperature must be a minimum of 35°F
  • Substrate must be free of dirt, waxes, curing agents, and other foreign materials


100% Solids Polymeric Resin, Polymeric Hardeners and Fillers



Surface Preparation is the most critical portion of any successful resinous flooring system application. All substrates must be properly prepared. For more information, Contact Epoxy.com Technical Service Department.


Epoxy.com Product #203 Cold Temperature Cure PRIMER is normally spread with a notched trowel or squeegee and back-rolled with a medium or short nap roller. Care should be taken to minimize the entrapment of air caused by over-rolling.


Clean skin with soap and water. Tools and equipment should be cleaned with xylene or lacquer thinner.


Epoxy.com Product #203 Cold Temperature Cure PRIMER is applied at 200-300 square feet per gallon depending on the type and condition of the substrate.


Honey Clear or pigmented to Epoxy.com Standard Colors at an extra charge.


Viscosity @ 75°F  1,000 cps
Mixing Ratio 2 Parts A to 1 Part B by Volume
Solids Content 100%, by volume
Volatile Organic Content (VOC) 0
Weight per gallon 10.0-11.5 pounds per gallon, mixed


Pot Life 15 minutes @ 75°F
Dry to Touch 2-3 hours @ 75°F; 14-16 hours @ 35°F
Re-Coat 3-4 hours @ 75°F; 14-16 hours @ 35°F
Light Traffic 5-6 hours @ 75°F; 24 hours @ 35°F
Full Cure & Maximum Resistance 5 days


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