Epoxy.com Product #458

Two Component Polyurethane Coating

This Material requires a minimum product purchase. Please Use Epoxy.com Product #402 instead.

Epoxy.com PRODUCT #458 is a liquid-applied, two-component, catalytic cured polyurethane floor and wall coating for use in air fields, industrial plants, stores, and other locations where surfaces must withstand heavy use of foot traffic.


Composition: Epoxy.com PRODUCT #458 is a catalytic cured liquid polyurethane, based on Aliphatic Isocyanates in combination with additives and pigments to produce a wear resistant, protective floor coating, for interior and exterior applications. Epoxy.com PRODUCT #458 is ideally suited for coating walls that are commonly subjected to graffiti. The cured product is easily cleaned with trichloroethylene or perchloroethylene and detergent.

Basic Uses: Epoxy.com PRODUCT #458 provides a durable finish that protects floors against occasional chemical spillage, dirt, grease and oil. PRODUCT #458 gives industrial floors a well maintained look while retaining a glossy appearance. Dusting of concrete floors is eliminated when the surface is sealed with Epoxy.com PRODUCT #458 and, as dirt and oils are prevented from penetrating the concrete, detergent and water easily clean the floor. Epoxy.com PRODUCT #458 in pigmented form may be used on floors to hide an unsightly appearance of the substrate or to provide a reflective, bright appearance that will lighten up a warehouse, highlighting work areas and traffic lanes.

Limitations:  All surfaces to be coated must be completely free of foreign matter and completely dry.

Color: Grey, tan, and clear.

Sizes: Available in 1-1/2 and 4-1/2 gallon kits. Weight 8.6 lbs./gallon.






Tack free time 75F

3 to 4 hrs. @ 50% R.H

Cure time

24 hrs.

Light traffic may be permitted (under most conditions)

10 to 12 hrs

Taber Abrasion 1,000 gram weight after 1,000 Cycles

No weight change

Temperature service range

-50F to 200F

Solids Content

60% by volume

Tensile strength

2,600 p.s.i

Mix Ratio 1A:1B





Surface Preparation: Epoxy.com PRODUCT #458 may only be applied to dry, clean, surfaces. It is recommended that concrete floors be prepared by abrasive cleaning such as dust-free grinding, shot-blasting, or sandblasting. All oxidation must be removed from metal surfaces and all metal surfaces must be primed with Epoxy.com Product #887 Metal Primer.

Application: Epoxy.com PRODUCT #458 may be applied by all conventional means including spray equipment, roller and brushes. The recommended application rate of Epoxy.com PRODUCT #458 is two coats minimum, 200 sq. ft. per coat.

A thin coat of Epoxy.com PRODUCT #458, at the rate of 200 to 250 sq. ft. per gallon, may be used as a primer coat if one is needed. If a metal substrate however, you must use Epoxy.com Product #877 Metal Primer. The second and third coat may be applied after an over-night cure, but it is important for proper bonding, not to wait for more than 24 hrs. before recoating. If necessary, a fine aggregate may be incorporated into the system to provide a non-slip surface. Allow 48 hr. final cure time before coating is exposed to traffic.



All products proven to be defective in manufacturing will be replaced at no charge. Since the use of these products is beyond our control we cannot accept damages in excess of the purchase price of these products.



If PRODUCT #458 is damaged, it can be repaired by cleaning the surface with M.E.K. and recoating it with PRODUCT #458system.