Epoxy.com Product #100

Anti-Moisture Entrapment Epoxy


Epoxy.com Product #100 Anti-Moisture Entrapment Epoxy uses a unique epoxy technology which allows the contractor to install epoxy systems on new concrete (4-5 days old) without fear of moisture entrapment. Product #100 Exhibits greater than 100 times the permeability of standard epoxy slurries and mortars. Product #100 is used as a base for Epoxy.com Chip and Quartz systems and as a binder for Epoxy.com Resinous Mortar Systems, when moisture is a concern.




Substrate temperature must be a minimum of 50 degrees F.


Substrate must be free of dirt, waxes, curing agents, and other foreign materials


Epoxy Resin, Polyamines, and Fillers


Product #100 is available in Gray.  Special colors available, but minimum quantities and surcharges for special colors may apply. 


Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the most critical portion of any successful resinous flooring system application. All substrates must be properly prepared as outlined in Epoxy.com Surface Preparation Procedures. Epoxy.com Technical Support Department is pleased to answer any questions.


Installation of Epoxy.com Product #100 varies with application needs. Typically, Product #100 is installed as a slurry with a flat or notched trowel. Spiney rollers are required to de-air mix after spreading. For specific instructions contact Epoxy.com Technical Service Department.


Clean skin with soap and water. Tools and equipment should be cleaned with xylene or lacquer thinner.


12 Square Feet per gallon yields 1/8 inch. 24 Square Feet per gallon yields 1/16 inch.


If the floor becomes slippery due to animal fats, oil, grease, or soap film, clean and rinse thoroughly. Epoxy.com Product #100 is easily cleaned with neutral soaps or detergents. Routine mechanical scrubbing is recommended for all surfaces having a non-skid texture. Waxing is optional. Long periods of heavy traffic may cause wear patterns necessitating a maintenance application of a finish coat.

Technical Data

Viscosity @75 Degrees F

3,500 CPS

Mixing Ratio

By Volume: 1 Parts A to 5 Part B

Solids Content

85% by volume

Volatile Organic Content (VOC)


Weight per gallon

11-11.5 pounds per gallon mixed

Cure/Dry Time

Pot Life

45 minutes @ 75 degrees F

Dry to Touch

4-5 hours @ 75 degrees F


8-12 hours @ 75 degrees F

Light Traffic


Final Cure
& Maximum Resistance

5 days

Available in 3 gallon units consisting of 0.5 gallons of "A" and 2.5 gallons of B.