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FAQs (and some not so often asked questions)
About Epoxy

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I want to thank all of the people who have submitted questions to me. Without you this section would not exist. I have left off individual credits to be sure that we do not reveal any information here that might be embarrassing or damaging to you. If you would like credit for your specific question, please email me and ask to be given credit for your question. I will be very happy to do that for you. Once again, thank you for your questions.

There are references in many of the answers to specific product prices. Please note that was the price at the time the question was asked. It may very well still be the price today, but it could have gone up or down. Increases in raw material prices will drive prices up. However, increases of our use of these raw materials sometimes (although not often enough) have the effect of driving down our costs. When this happens, we will pass this savings onto our customers. Bottom line: if you are interested in a specific product please email me for the current pricing on that material.

If you have questions, or answers that you would like to see added to this page, please email them to me at: norm@epoxy.com. I hope you enjoy this and I look forward to your questions and comments.

Tables of Contents

Using Epoxy in Manufacturing

Using Epoxy Construction


Epoxy - Used in Manufacturing

  1. Fine Pebble Construction
  3. Paper



Dear Norm,

Thank you for your very informative web site.  I just have a couple more questions.  

What is the difference between epoxy injection and polyurethane injection?  
Is one of them better for basement wall cracks?  When would you use one over the other?

Thanks again for the info.

Diane Waterloo, IL



Epoxy Injection has the advantage of welding the concrete back together, and giving the concrete back its original design properties.  In other words, once you inject a crack, it is as if the crack had never happened. Its repair is structural and a waterproofing. Urethane does not weld the concrete back together.  It does stop the leak however. As a matter of fact, it has the capacity to stop the leak as the water is still flowing through it.  This is possible with epoxy, but is much more complicated, and difficult to do.  I use epoxy injection whenever I am trying to restore a damaged structure.  If I am trying to cut off water flowing through an expansion joint, or where concrete has been poured in multiple pours and never intended to be monolithic, then I use urethane. For most basements, epoxy injection is the best solution for cracks in the walls or floors.  It you are injecting the joint between the floor and the wall, either system can be used effectively.


Used in fine Pebble Constructed Products

Question: "We manufacture trash containers, planters, etc. from a fine pebble or sand aggregate and a resin binder. The present process calls for mixing the binder and catalyst in a bucket, then pouring the mixture into a cement mixer with the aggregate. Each batch makes one unit of the product. As you can guess this process is slow and has problems with consistent quality. Does someone make equipment that would mix the components continuously and extrude the mix similar to the way that fiber glass guns mix the binder with the catalyst, chop the fiber, mix the whole thing and shoot the "wet fibers" in one continuous process?"

IndexNorm: Not that I am aware of. The problem is not the mixing of the resins. We can provide mixing on "the go" for your right now. The problem is that you still have to mix the aggregate. It would be impossible to mix a stone with the currently available hydrostatic mix heads.

However, talk to me about the inconsistencies that you are experiencing. You might want to be sure that the problem is in the mixing, not in the resin or aggregate. I think it is possible that it could be a material problem.


Question: "Can you tell me anything about the use of epoxy resin in the manufacture of paper?"

Norm: In the manufacturing of paper, or in the maintaining of the paper plants? I can help you with the latter. I didn't even know epoxies were used in the manufacture of paper. Please tell me more!



Norm: I would need additional details to make a good recommendation, but my initial recommendations are our product #3 or its 2:1 counterparts in our 817 & 818 series injection resins. You can find a data sheet on #3 attached to this document in HTML format, or online at http://www.epoxysystems.com/3.htm .

Epoxy - Used in Construction

Epoxy Used in Building Waterproofing

  1. Waterproofing Door Openings
  2. Basement Waterproofing

Question: "Read through your epoxy page and I need to pick your brain. I am a builder. I completed a house a few years ago with a door exiting the basement. When I installed the door, I caulked the door well I thought, but now when it rains hard the water is getting in. On the outside of the door is a slab that might not have enough run at that area. What I was wondering, is if I drilled some holes in the threshold and filled that area with some sort of epoxy, would it work. I have done some aquarium work with epoxy injection which is where I got the idea. Short of any brilliant idea's from someone, I will have to pull the door, and possibly cut some of the concrete. Any help would be much appreciated."

Norm: So let me see if I understand this exactly . . . When it rains hard there is not enough slope on the concrete on the outside of the door, so the rain backs under the threshold. What you would like to do is to pour some epoxy under the threshold in hopes that it would seal the threshold to the concrete slab with a waterproof seal. Is that right?

IndexIf it is, it is possible if the concrete under the threshold is clean and has not had a sealer installed on it. You could use our Product #18 (please see http://www.epoxysystems.com/18.htm) in a BinPacks (binary packaging - self mixing) to pump under the threshold. On the other hand you save the $145 cost of the gun to use the BinPacks if you remove the threshold, fill in under it with Product #5 (http://www.epoxysystems.com/5.htm). This will allow you to clean the concrete below the threshold, and even raise the threshold slightly if required. This material comes in a thick paste almost the consistency of roofing cement. Both products bond to the concrete with a bond strength greater that the concrete (tensile) strength, and set up harder than concrete (compressive strength).

Basement Waterproofing

Question: "We are in the process of purchasing a home and inspections reveal a crack in the foundation. I found your information on the Internet as I have not been able to find anyone in the Houston area who does this type of repair. We have contacted a structural engineer who has informed us the slab needs to be elevated on one side, plus the crack needs to be sealed with epoxy. The prior owners in their infinite wisdom, put tile down on top of the crack and had the tile company put epoxy on the crack. (I somehow think this is not what the structural engineer had in mind.) Let me know what you think. Also, do you know of a Company who does the repair in this area. We have contacted a Foundation repair company, and they have no connections with anyone doing resin repair. I certainly would appreciate any help you may be able to give me at this time."Index

Norm: We can supply both product and technical support to your foundation contractor. What your engineer must have meant is epoxy injection. Please see: http://www.EpoxySystems.com/injectn.htm for more information on epoxy injection. Then please get back to me with your additional questions.

Waterproofing Other Structures

Dams - Penstocks

Pond Construction

Pond Construction

Question: "I am in the process of building a pond. Most Pond Building books recommend to seal the concrete pond with black epoxy. Unfortunately I have been unable to find any such epoxy this far." Index

Norm: I suggest our product #1 in black. I have attached a copy of the tech data sheet in HTML format or you can find the data sheet at: http://www.epoxysystems.com/1.htm. The cost is $49 per gallon US in 3 gallon units 2A:1B. Price is FOB our plant. You can save a few dollars per gallon if you need 15 gallons or more by ordering in 15 gallons (5 gallon pail units (2 each 5 gallons of "A": 1 each 5 gallons of "B"). Please check out these data sheets and get back to me with your additional questions.

Dams - Penstocks

Question: "We are, now, working on a dam for the fabrication and installation of the power tunnels steel penstocks. To allow to concrete the gap between the steel penstocks and the tunnels, some holes will be done on the penstocks to fit the concrete injection tools. These a.m. holes will be plugged (after concrete injection works) with steel grout plugs and epoxy glue and will Indexbe filled flush with the inside face of the penstocks with epoxy mortar. Could you, please, let us know if some of your products are made for such works? Being at your disposal for any other information, you may need."

Norm: Yes sir, we have done exactly that with our product #3. We can supply you with resin, injection machines, or epoxy resin in binary tubes for injection. Please see http://www.epoxysystems.com/3.htm & http://www.epoxysystems.com/injectn.htm We can supply this material in bulk, or in binary tubes. We also sell injection machines.

Epoxy as a Concrete Sealer

Question: "I am looking for an epoxy to construct wooden Sea Kayaks. What do you recommend? Also have done some cast concrete kitchen and bath counter tops, and have had problems finding a suitable sealer. Have tried some epoxies from local San Francisco suppliers without Stellar results."Index

Norm: Tell me more: Are you just trying to seal the counter tops with something clear? If so for a sealer I would recommend our product #850, a tech data sheet in HTML format is attached. You can also find it online at: http:/www.epoxysystems.com/850.htm. It is an outstanding sealer that sets up very hard. It costs 21.35 per gallon in 2 gallon units (1A:1B), or $19.65 per gallon in 10 gallon units (5A:5B). Price is in US dollars and is FOB our plant. It cannot be sent UPS. It must be sent by truck, so most people order at least a 10-gallon unit so the freight doesn't kill them. This is an excellent product at an excellent price. You will find nothing better in this price range. I need more info on the Kayak but I think you would like our product #18 ( http://www.epoxysystems.com/18.htm - I have attached that as well). If you want something easier to apply, you might like Product #1 ( http://www.epoxysystems.com/1.htm - Also attached). However to make a good recommendation on your Kayak application I need more details about what you want to do with the epoxy.


Epoxy Refractive Index


Epoxy Refractive Index

Question: "I have recently bought to the firm AOA a lens let array made of epoxy. I would like to have the refractive index of Indexthis material as a function of wavelength. Unfortunately, they told me that they have no exact information concerning that from their epoxy supplier. I have only 4 values measured. Do you know where I can find this kind of information? "

Norm:: I have to admit that in 20 years in this business this is the first time anyone has asked me that question. It is an excellent question, to which I have no answer. Not too many people need that kind of information. I would guess that it would vary from epoxy to epoxy, and vary again by the hardener used. So I suspect there are as many answers to your question, as there are epoxies. So unless a company makes an epoxy specifically for optical applications, I am not sure there is an answer.

Each epoxy has a slightly different color and I think that will affect your index. I am not sure of this as it is out of my field, but I will add it to a new FAQ page that I will be adding to my web area soon. Perhaps someone will reply to it there.


Bonding to Plastic

Question: I would like to know if your product sticks to plastics. I am most interested if it sticks to the oilifinic family of plastics (PE, PP, TPO).

Norm: No epoxy sticks well to these kinds of plastics.

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