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40% Solid Silane With Corrosion Inhibitors

Description: #42 is a 40% silane solvent-based concrete sealer, containing time-proven Migrating Corrosion inhibitors. EPOXY.COM #42 is a small molecule product, which allows deep penetration into concrete and provides water repellency by chemically reacting with the cementitious substrate under proper application. Treated substrates are hydrophobic and retain their original appearance. EPOXY.COM #42 seals surface pores while preventing intrusion of chloride and carbonation and protects from the ingress of wind-driven rain. Treated concrete surfaces are fully breathable and their natural moisture-vapor transmission is not affected.

An alkaline environment, such as new concrete, will catalyze the reaction and speed the formation of EPOXY.COM #42s hydrophobic surface. EPOXY.COM #42s unique future is its Migratory Corrosion Inhibitor action that allows this product to migrate through even the densest concrete structures. It seeks out embedded steel reinforcing bars to form a protective monomolecular corrosion inhibiting coating. EPOXY.COM #42 also protects a multitude of metals, including carbon steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. EPOXY.COM #42 will extend the service life of structures.


Typical Uses:


Surfaces to receive EPOXY.COM #42 must be clean, sound and free from all dirt, oil, grease, chemical films and coatings, and other contaminants prior to application. While some moisture present in the concrete or masonry will not affect the performance of EPOXY.COM #42, the drier the surface, the deeper the penetration. The maximum moisture concrete shall not exceed 5%. Use water blast, sandblast, or shot blast as necessary to achieve the desired surface condition. Application can be performed using airless sprayer, roller or brush. When a brush or roller is used, repeated applications should be made until the surface remains moist for a few minutes. If and airless is used, application should continue until the substrate is thoroughly saturated. Sprayers should be fitted with solvent resistant hoses and gaskets.

For Best Performance: Do not dilute, Do not apply during inclement weather or when inclement weather is anticipated within 6 hours. To prevent damage to nearby shrubbery and landscaping, cover or protect with drop cloth.

Apply at maximum 200 square feet/gallon to achieve results of NCHRP Report # 244. Two (2) applications give better performance than one; a second (2nd) coat may be applied immediately after first (1st) coat is fully absorbed. For precise coverage rates a field trial or mockup should be performed.

Drying Time: Typical drying time for EPOXY.COM #42 is 2 hours at 70 F (21 C) and 50% relative humidity. Cooler temperatures or higher relative humidity shall extend the drying time


200 square feet per gallon two (2) coats required.

Typical Properties:

Appearance Clear yellow liquid

pH 9.5-10.5 (1% aqueous)

Density 6.7-6.8 lb/gal (0.8-0.82 kg/l)

Solvent Isopropanol

Technical Data From Laboratory Tests

Modified NCHRP 244 Series II Testing on concrete (2-inch cubes, 21 day immersion in 15% NaCl, 5,000 psi concrete)showed a 74% reduction in weight gain with an average penetration of inches.


Weight Gain During Saltwater Soak

Low weight gains with the lowest absorption exhibited after 5 days of air curing (>80 percent water exclusion).


Water Vapor Transmission

Water vapor transmission of coated samples is excellent; EPOXY.COM #42 did not significantly alter water vapor transmission characteristics when coated samples were compared to uncoated samples.

Chloride Ion Intrusion Characteristics

The coated samples showed a significant decrease in chloride ion penetration (>90 percent chloride exclusion).



EPOXY.COM #42 should not be used on structures under hydrostatic pressure. Do not apply when temperature is at or below 0C (32F) or on extremely windy days when evaporation of the solvent would be too rapid.


12 months when properly stored

CAUTION: COMBUSTIBLE! Contains organic solvent. Avoid inhalation of vapor. May cause skin, eye or respiratory irritation Ingestion may cause irritation.

In case of contact, immediately flush eyes or skin with plenty of water for at least fifteen (15) minutes. Call a physician in case of severe skin or eye irritation. Wash clothing before re-use. Discard contaminated shoes. Wear protective clothing, goggles, and/or barrier creams.


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